Handling Python versions with Pyenv

As we are using Python 3.11, it's recommended to use Pyenv to manage your Python versions. Here are the steps to install Pyenv and set Python 3.11 as your local version:

  1. First, we need to get pyenv, for information about how to install it, please refer to the official documentation

  2. Install Python 3.11 with Pyenv:

pyenv install 3.11.5
  1. Set Python 3.11 as the local version for your project:

pyenv local 3.11.5

Now, your terminal session will use Python 3.11 for this project.

pipx allows the installation of the dependency in an isolated environment. With this, we can make sure that it does not conflict with any of our installed dependencies.

pipx install giza-cli

Install from PyPi

For the latest release:

pip install giza-cli

Installing from source

Clone the repository and install it with pip:

git clone
cd giza-cli
pip install .

Or install it directly from the repo:

pip install git+ssh://

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