Giza CLI

Giza CLI 0.15.1

Welcome to Giza CLI!

This CLI provides the utilities to interact with Giza using the terminal.

🤔 What capabilities does the CLI offer?

The CLI will serve as the main entrypoint for Giza Platform for developers. It aims to provide a tool to ease the managing of resources that exists in Giza Platform.

For now it provides the following capabilities:

  • User related utilities, like create, login (JWT Authentication) and create_api_key (API Key Authentication)

  • Model transpilation with transpile using multiple frameworks, like Cairo or EZKL

  • Model versioning

  • Proof generation for multiple frameworks, like Orion Cairo or EZKL

  • Deployment of models to the Giza Platform as an endpoint for verifiable inferences

  • Workspace management to help you with Giza Actions

  • Actions jumpstart with new command to help you get started with your actions

In the future each new resource added to Giza will have its corresponding capability in the CLI.

✨ What's new?

For a detailed list of changes, please refer to the CHANGELOG file.

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✍️ Authors & contributors

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This project is licensed under the MIT license.

See LICENSE for more information.

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