module commands.transpile

Global Variables


function transpile

    model_path: str = typer.Argument(None, help="Path of the model to transpile"),
    output_path: str = typer.Option(
        "cairo_model", "--output-path", "-o", help="Path to output the cairo model"
    debug: Optional[bool] = DEBUG_OPTION,

Command to transpile the model using the client. Sends the model and then unzips it to the desired location.

This command will do a couple of things behind the scenes: * Create a Model entity * Upload the model * Update the status of the model * Poll the model until the status is either FAILED or COMPLETED * If COMPLETED the model is downloaded


  • model_path (str): path for the model to load

  • output_path (str): ouput to store the transpiled model. Defaults to "cairo_model".

  • debug (Optional[bool], optional): Whether to add debug information, will show requests, extra logs and traceback if there is an Exception. Defaults to DEBUG_OPTION(False).


  • BadZipFile: if the received file is not a zip, could be due to a transpilation error at the API.

  • HTTPError: request error to the API, 4XX or 5XX

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