Currently, any related EZKL capabilities are disabled

We have created a Proof of our EZKL version, now it's time to verify it!

As we already have the proof we can use the verify command to verify it, using the --proof-id option we can specify the proof that we want to verify.

As we are using a managed version we need to specify --model-id and --version-id to indicate which version we want to verify, so we can retrieve the generated files in the setup process (giza transpile).

> giza verify -f EZKL --model-id 1 --version-id 1 --proof-id 1 --size S
[giza][2023-12-04 19:43:37.686] Verification job created with name 'verify-ezkl-20231204-32f44715' and id -> 1 ✅
[giza][2023-12-04 19:45:18.683] Verification job is successful ✅

If the job is successful that means that the proof is valid! Otherwise, we will get an error message.

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