Cairo is a programming language specifically designed for creating verifiable and efficient smart contracts and cryptographic proofs. Its core strength lies in its ability to create succinct and secure programs while ensuring formal verification of their correctness.

In the realm of Giza, Cairo serves as the backbone for generating provable machine learning models. Leveraging Cairo as the backend provides a reliable infrastructure to transpile, prove and verify these models within the Giza platform.

Cairo Framework Features

  1. Transpilation Process: Dive into Giza's streamlined process to seamlessly convert ONNX machine learning models into Cairo code. This transformation ensures optimal compatibility and functionality within the Cairo ecosystem, leveraging the power of ✨Orion✨. More on this in the transpile documentation for cairo.

  2. Creating Verifiable Proofs: Use the transpile model to generate the casm.json file to create a proof and validate the correctness and reliability of your transformed models. Discover how Giza harnesses Cairo's robust features to create evidence ensuring the credibility of your machine learning outputs. More on this in the prove documentation for cairo.

Cairo official documentation

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